by Gene Mocsy
Directed by Gene Mocsy

performed from October 25 through November 17, 2002
The Shelton Theater
533 Sutter St.
San Francisco, CA

Jessica Shay Candice M. Milan*
Billy Michael Florido**
Emma Jessel Daria Hepps
Flora Irmak Unal-Valdespino
Quarrel Bruce Lundy
Miles David Ballog
Voice of Game Nazi Johann Zimmern

*Member of Actor’s Equity Association. Demon_Industry was an Equity-approved project.

**Member of Screen Actors Guild.

Stage Manager Carrie Loser
Set, Lighting, Sound Design Gene Mocsy
Costume, Graphic Design Christine U’Ren
Stage Crew/Lighting Technician Steve Forker
Set Construction Istvan Mocsy

$1000 or more: The Zellerbach Fund
$500–$999: Daria Hepps, Irene & Bob Hepps, Anonymous
$250–$499: Marie U'Ren

Erin Harms, Marc Olano, Pat Griffin, Jeremy Koerner, Dennis O'Brien, Istvan Mocsy, John Fisher, Matthew Shelton Ross, Carolyn Tuft, Dolan Cleverley, Sergei Pol Hasegawa, Lake Barnett, Craig's List, Bay Area TheatreBums, and Trevor Allen, Dale Albright, and their colleagues at Theatre Bay Area.